Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Kick this off!

Just wanted to kick off my new blog! This will mostly be a political blog about the news and happenings of the day with my opinions intermixed....I hope I will not be the only one reading them because then...what would be the point? Anyway, here goes!

Let's start with Rathergate! I am predicting Rather is out the door in a month or less. I simply do not understand how CBS can continue to defend this tripe in the face of mountains of evidence and certified document experts saying there is simply no way these docs are legit. Go to for all the latest and a much more in depth look at this. Hugh also hosts a very fine radio program...check out his site for details.

The Bush lead...I'll keep this short. This lead will only grow in the weeks's over for the Waffle man...this won't even be close.

That'll do it for now...go stuff to do. Hope somebody looks at this...let me know what you think.


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