Monday, October 11, 2004

Kerry...oh, the buffoonery!

You have to read all of this article. If it didn't before the thought of Kerry being the C in C of the most powerful country in the free world ought to scare the pants off you.

Rudy calls him on it though. He's absoultey right when he says, "The idea that you can have an acceptable level of terrorism is frightening. How do you explain that to the people who are beheaded or the innocent people that are killed, that we’re going to tolerate a certain acceptable [level] of terrorism, and that acceptable level will exist and then we’ll stop thinking about it? This is an extraordinary statement. I think it is not a statement that in any way is ancillary. I think this is the core of John Kerry’s thinking. This does create some consistency in his thinking."

John Kerry has no core beliefs...he's like Clinton only not as smooth.


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