Wednesday, October 27, 2004

This is explosive...pardon the pun.

Drudge has just put a link up to a Washington Times article by Bill Gertz implicating Russian Special Forces units as being the culprits who moved all those tons of high explosives. I can't even begin to describe the far reaching implications this news delivers. This is powerful stuff.

I can't wait to see how Kerry / Edwards and Co. try to spin this one. There was no way Russia was ever going to approve a UN Security Council resolution authorizing war in Iraq. They were never going to give the US and UK access to their dirty dealings with Saddam. With "allies" like this who needs enemies. If this news doesn't vindicate Bush and Blair in many eyes I don't think anything will.

This also vindicates the theory that Saddam moved his banned weapons to Syria and other locations outside of Iraq's borders. The UN Oil for Food program is undoubtedly behind this. I'm sure other such stories from the French and Germans will surface in due time. This could be the last nail in the coffin for Kerry / Edwards.


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