Monday, October 18, 2004

Why Bush is the Right Man at the Right Time

In answer to the question posed by Hugh Hewitt.

Quite simply, George W. Bush is the right man at the right time in our nations history. Is he perfect? No. Do I disagree with him on some issues? Yes, but then who agrees with even their own spouse 100% of the time? This race really comes down to one key question...who will make America safer and continue taking the fight to the terrorists? Clearly, it's GWB. How many times in the days and weeks after 9/11 did we hear "Thank God there's a Republican in the White House." I heard that most often from Democrats who voted for Gore. Admit it, if you're a Democrat take yourself back to those days. It gave you comfort to know that there was a man sitting at the helm you knew was working on striking back at the savages that killed so many of our fellow countrymen for nothing? The battle in Iraq is an extention of the Global War on Terror, not a diversion. Don't believe John Kerry and his surrogates that Iraq was for anything less than the safety and security of our nation. A free Iraqi Republic will be our nations best defense. Think about it, why else would the terrorists be doing everything in their power to turn Iraq into utter chaos. They know the stakes. If they are to survive, freedom cannot flourish. They know if people have the choice between freedom and liberty or radical totalitarianism they will choose freedom every time. At their core every man and woman longs for freedom, for choice in their daily lives. People want to be able to live their lives, go to work or school, raise their children, and not have to worry about being brutally tortured or executed by their government. That's not just an American dream, that's the dream of every human being. President Bush has lead two coalitions that have liberated some 50 million people. People who once had no chance to realize their dreams now do. The President has a vision for the middle east that we must continue to build upon. It will, no doubt, take sacrifice and hard work but if we can see this through the payoff will be the end of the middle east that is a breeding ground for terrorists and those that harbor them. Sometimes doing what's right isn't easy.


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