Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A lot to catch up on...

It's been a while since I've had time to sit down and write about current events so I'll try and catch up.

First things first, Ohhh Rah! The Marines have Fallujah!!! with far fewer casualties than I thought they would. This is a testament to just how good our young fighting men are at doing what has to be done. That being said, no doubt most have heard or read about the young Marine supposedly shooting a wounded terrorist inside a mosque. The Marines are doing what should be done...they are conducting an investigation to get the WHOLE story...something the media needs to get back to. How many of you knew that the day before this video was shot that a Marine in his unit was killed when he was attending to the body of another dead terrorist because the body was booby trapped? Also, how many knew that this young Marine was shot in the face the day before as well and wanted to get back to his Marine brothers more than anything else. That's commitment and dedication at it's finest. It's really too bad that our soldiers and Marines have to fight 2 enemies really, both the terrorist and the media. With this kind of media coverage we never would have won WWII.

I've heard a lot of people, media and pundits, claiming Geneva Convention violation on this. It would be if the wounded man was a soldier wearing a country's uniform and serving under a sovereign country's flag. As it stands this man was trying to kill American combat troops under no banner but religious fanaticism and is accorded no such rights.

Next, hooray for Condi!! She will be absolutely wonderful as Sec. of State. As usual the left, who claim to be all about diversity and should be lauding this as an advancement for black Americans, are all about beating her down because she happens to be of a different opinion. Typical. Cast your eyes on this, this, this, and read this. It's enough to make you sick.

This administration is the most diverse in history and people want to call Republicans racist...what hypocrites!

Then there's this...from the amazing radio host Glenn Beck. Remember all of those Hollywood idiots saying they'd leave the country if Bush were re-elected? Well, Glenn's trying to make that happen for one "lucky" celeb...go here and help do your part.

In even scarier news, the Ruskies are in the game again. At least they're not Iran.

Maybe I'll post more later...gotta go!


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